Lay Leader Training Institute

Equipping the Body of Christ to Lead Through Discipleship

LLTI's goal is to train leaders for missional ministry in partnership with traditional ministries in the local church as elders, deacons and leaders seeking to participate in the growth and development of the church.




LLTI Is The Program For Your Leaders If You Answer ‘YES’ To Any Of These Questions

Do you desire to enable the members of your congregation to willingly serve in ministries in your church?

Do you feel it would benefit your church body to have members with greater scriptural knowledge?

Would you like to train those willing, gifted members of your congregation to serve in varying capacities such as Sunday school teacher, Bible study or Small Group leader, Church Elder or Deacon?

Do you want to equip your current leaders with a clearer, more  effective understanding of  church polity, evangelism, worship, sacraments & missional ministry?



LLTI exists to equip and empower current and future leaders for missional discipleship and outreach as witnesses to God's kingdom.

Lay Leader Training Institute

An Educational Program Offered Through The Santa Barbara Presbytery in partnership

With Fuller Theological Seminary




Program Options:


Commissioned Lay Pastor

Continuing Education Classes for Graduates


Distance Learning Available for all Courses!







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