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Introduction to Missional Church—Syllabus

Lay Leader Training Program

Introduction to Missional Church

Kurt Fredrickson

Saturday September 11, 2010


Primary Focus: To create a missional imagination for the work of the local church in North America


Description: This course will present a theological foundation for the missional church with application for both church plants and established congregations. The interplay of Word, church and world is crucial to the development of missional approaches to the ministry of the local congregation


Course Objectives

Articulate the current cultural location of the church and its implications for ministry

Explore a theological understanding of the missional church

Develop new imaginations and skills for engaging in transformative ministry in local contexts

Discern new ways to evaluate ministry effectiveness


Course Outline

· The location of the church in American culture

· A theological exploration of the missional church

· Being a missionary in your neighborhood

Developing new imaginations and practices for missional engagement in culture



Read and write a one page reflection on each book

             McNeal, Reggie, Missional Renaissance.  (Jossey-Bass, 2009).

                         Roxburgh, Alan, Introducing the Missional Church.  (Baker Books, 2009).

                                                  Paper is due on day of class


Visit a catalytic congregation and write a 2-page summary of the experience

Summary is due: October 22, 2010


Write a 5-page paper exploring the missional nature of ministry of the local church and discuss its implications for your congregation

Paper is due: October 22, 2010




Grading: Grading is pass, fail or pass with honors based on:

Class participation

Completion of reading

Completion of field work

Completion of paper


For further study:

             Belcher, Jim, Deep Church.   (IVP, 2009).

             Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, Life Together.  (HarperOne, 1978).

             Hirsch,Alan, The Forgotten Ways.  (Brazos Press, 2007).

             Morey, Tim, Embodying Our Faith.  (IVP, 2010.)


Contact Information

             Kurt Fredrickson, PhD

         Associate Dean for Doctor of Ministry and Continuing Education

         Fuller Theological Seminary

         135 North Oakland Avenue

         Pasadena, CA 91182


Wk: 626 584 5654